Portraits of Families in Protest
"Cheriss May, a freelance photojournalist in Washington, D.C., was heartbroken when she heard how her young relatives were processing the news of George Floyd’s death. But when her cousin, their father, J. Jioni Palmer, organized a protest for families to attend together, it became a teachable moment. First, J. Jioni and his son Middleton, 8, marched from their home to a busy intersection, holding signs that read: “A Man Was Lynched.” The next day, Palmer’s wife, Ashli, and their other son, Caldwell, 5, joined. Cheriss picked up her camera and began documenting her family. By the third day, more than 20 people had joined — and within a week, there was a crowd of 60, many of whom were children.⁣"
A story that I pitched to the NY Times was published, Click here to check it out
The New York Times: Food Insecurity Story (Story I wrote and photographed)
Over the course of a few months, I spent time with the Capital Area Food Bank, Kingdom Fellowship A.M.E. Church, Rainbow Family Christian Center, Urban Outreach Inc., the Humane Rescue Alliance and the numerous volunteers who have been working to help address food insecurity in the Washington metropolitan area.
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